A Little Social (Media) Decorum is in Order

I find it so interesting that people know when and where to say certain things, EXCEPT online. Someone makes a one-sided comment about a situation or event, then that gets followed by a wave of other one-sided comments (because someone’s offended by what they’ve read) and generally followed with vulgarity, skewed analogies, random fact throwing, threats, and the always popular combination thereof. Meanwhile, all combatants are unwittingly reaffirming the (potentially misconceived or mispercieved) notions of their opposition and more often offending someone else.

I know, I know…”It’s just Facebook” or whatever. However, what I see are a lot of people using social media to say the things they wouldn’t say in public- because they ARE, in fact, aware of social ettiquette and know better. What we have, are a lot of people spouting socially unacceptable statements, and seeking (or more likely hoping) to justify them by or with how many “likes” the comment gets. I can’t tell you how many times over we’ll say the last 7 1/2 years I’ve been inadvertently been offended by people I know- who would never say the thing they posted on Facebook in front of me, or to me directly. This is an example of how poignant situations like what’s happened in Ferguson, Missouri become further exacerbated in the public at large.

The subject of “cyber bullying” has been well documented. What has been less well documented is the “cyber mob mentality.” We can be very quick to abandon social mores based on what we read written by others- particularly online.


Make social media part of the solution, not part of the problem. If not, I will find your irresponsible post, call you out, and post it to my blog, lol.


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