Defining Environmental Wellness


Environmental wellness refers to your relationship with your immediate surroundings; extending to nature and the world around you. It refers to recognizing that we need to consciously make efforts towards maintaining a lifestyle that maximizes harmony with our environment- both indoors and outdoors. It also helps to gain an understanding how our behaviors and interactions affects and impacts our surrounding environment.
We must recognize that every action- no matter how large or small -directly or indirectly affects us, our surroundings and natural environment. It’s easy to forget addressing our environment is a vital component of any wellness plan, and that our attitude towards our environment can have a major impact on our personal well-being. For example, when our personal surroundings are well cared for, clean and organized, we tend to experience a greater sense of comfort and contentment. It’s hard to feel at ease when your immediate envirinment is cluttered or disorganized. Caring for our personal environments also helps us adopt a sense of personal care, thereby also impactinf our Emotional Wellness.
An environmentally well person recognizes the need to keep a healthy personal environment. By caring for one’s personal environment, we’re also caring for and protecting ourselves from environmental hazards including but not limited to toxic chemicals, pollution, second-hand smoke, and even global warming.
Environmental wellness also incorporates any of a number of personal and societal responsibilities.

Here are some common examples of how to increase  the state of your environment wellness:

Being aware of the earth’s natural resources and being respectful of their limits.

Leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle- remaining thoughtful of everything you buy or produce, use, and throw away.

Recycle. Always.

Conserving energy- shutting off unused lights or unplugging appliances and electronic devices when not in use.

Remembering to always consider how each action impacts the environment, and then take an approprite action to protect the environment.

Get outside! Enjoy, appreciate, and spend time outdoors in natural settings.

Avoiding polluting the environment at all costs.

Quitting smoking and avoiding second-hand smoke.
These are all important aspects of achieving an optimal level of environmental wellness.


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