The Phenomenon of Nutritional Cleansing


One of the most common threats to our health is our own environment. We have a food supply that has been rendered nutritionally bankrupt- with empty calories and depleted nutrients thanks to an increasingly toxic world.

Health is on the decline, and disease is on the rise. Approximately 65% of adult Americans are overweight or obese. Autoimmune illnesses are increasing rapidly. In addition to unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, scientists now believe the toxic overload in our surroundings can be linked to weight gain, obesity and rapid aging.

It is imperative to know the combination of a nutritionally deficient diet and constant exposure to pollution and hazardous toxins will adversely affect your health. Medication is one of the many toxins we already ingest and no single product can effectively alleviate these problems. It’s critical to take a stance, and not only improve, but to maintain your health by using a system that provides whole body cleansing, and the replenishment of nutrients.


8 Benefits to Using an intermittent Fasting System:

Nourish Your Body

Nutritional Cleansing, also known as “intermittent fasting,” is designed to support the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms while providing upgraded nourishment with vital nutrients. “Cleanse Days” incorporate fasting from full meals, and instead drinking a botanically based cleansing solution throughout the day. This is not a colon cleanse or a laxative; which deplete the body of essential nutrients. Instead, the nutrient-rich solution nourishes the body while it cleanses, gently supporting removal of impurities from the body’s various tissues.


Support Your Liver

All cells in the body possess the ability to detoxify. The most important organ in the body for detoxification is the liver. Fasting on “Cleanse Days” allows the digestive processes a break, giving the liver opportunity to focus strictly on purging toxins. The cleansing solution features polyphenol-rich nutrients and plant-based antioxidants that support the enzymes responsible for eliminating toxins from the body.


Metabolize Fat

Unseen fat that accumulates around the organs is called visceral fat, and is considered more dangerous than visible subcutaneous fat (the kind you can pinch) because visceral fat is metabolically active- secreting a number of protein hormones and other substances; causing inflammatory responses which lead to chronic inflammation and disease.


Adaptogens Help You Respond Better to Stress

The term Adaptogen refers to any compound obtained from a plant that enhances resistance to stress minus the side effects associated with traditional stimulants. adaptogens boost the productivity of the body and brain by protecting them from stress and helping them recover from fatigue. Adaptogens are especially effective and useful to use on Cleanse Days- helping prevent stress reactions during fasting.

image image

Healthy Aging

When fat cells shrink, they release fewer signaling molecules, called cytokines, known to cause stress. Releasing body fat also helps keep the body in a more antioxidant state; with the end result being improved health and lowered risk of chronic disease. Oxidative stress is known to wreak havoc on telomeres- caps on the ends of chromosomes related to aging. When applied to healthy aging… The lower the oxidative stress, the better.

image image

Lose Weight

Cleanse Days never exceed two consecutive days, and are followed by Shake Days consisting of replacing two meals with a calorie-conscious, protein-dense shake to prompt protein synthesis and facilitate muscle growth. The shakes feature undenatured (minimally processed) whey protein that nourishes muscle tissue and continues boosting thermogenesis and oxidizing fat. Combining short periods of intermittent fasting and protein-rich meal replacements, the body burns fat and maintains muscle.


Feel Better

People often associate “dieting” with negative affects on the mood and psyche. With a nutritional cleansing system featuring two-day fasts, studies show mood and perception are actually improved. This can be attributed to the fact that “dieting” is actually restricting food and nutrients, where as nutritional cleansing fortifies your body with dense nutrition, while ridding the body of toxic impurities.


Help Your Body Help Itself

one critical defense mechanism the body relies on to defend itself against aging is a process called autophagy. Autophagy can be likened to the body performing it’s own maintenance; ensuring all organ systems and processes continue to function smoothly. Expired, damaged cell-components get discarded allowing cells to work optimally. The body’s autophagy declines as it ages- as does it’s ability to repair itself. Restricting calorie intake, as with fasting, has been discovered to actually promote autophagy to repair cells. Consuming fewer calories allows the body to recover and repair itself, resulting in a youthful aging effect.

One company is a worldwide leader in providing safe and extremely effective product systems to reverse obesity, toxicity, declining fitness, and premature aging. One company offers complete nutritional cleansing and replenishing systems- that, when incorporated with a balanced whole food diet and fitness program, will have a dramatic effect on the body’s overall health.

As a Certified Wellness Coach, I have assisted a multitude of clients in reaching an optimal level of health and wellness, and that number continues to grow.

For more information on Nutritional Cleansing or to schedule consultation, Please use the contact information available on this page to provide me with:

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And I will call you, personally, to schedule a free consultation.

-O. Salim Thornton, CWC


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