The Phenomenon of Nutritional Cleansing, Part II – The Anatomy of A Successful Weight Loss Program

Everyone who tries to lose weight tries some sort of method. Diets are most common, followed by stimulants and supplements. Just as common are the many commercially advertised weight loss programs with commercials, 800 numbers and celebrity spokesman.

Everyone who attempts to lose weight tries something. Unfortunately, most of those things either simply don’t work, or don’t produce lasting results.

If you’ve read “The Phenomenon of Nutritional Cleansing” Part II expands on the phenomenon, and will explain what a successful weight loss program should do for your body.



Rid the Body of Toxins to Help it Burn Fat

We are surrounded by toxins everywhere in our immediate indoor and outdoor environments. Toxic materials are in our foods, hygiene products, household/industrial cleaning supplies, and the air we breathe to name very few.  It has long been proven prolonged exposure to toxic substances will produce adverse health effects.

The process known as “cleansing” has many benefits such as improved cellular function, increased energy, stamina and mental clarity. This is achieved by gently flushing toxins and impurities from the system using liquid solutions composed of superfruit and botanical extracts to quickly flush toxins from the blood and major organs. While the removal of impurities is considered vital to whole-body wellness, a lesser known fact is this process also triggers the release of body fat.


Provide Balanced Nutrition to Keeps You Satisfied, Build Muscle, and Reduce Cravings

It’s all about the proteins, baby. We are all different, and the proteins our bodies are composed of have been crafted specifically for each of our own DNA codes. That means your body has to create those proteins from what it is fed. Quite simply put, you cannot get the body you want feeding it inadequate proteins, because you are not giving your genome what it needs, specifically, to manifest it’s true capabilities. You need high-quality protein. Your body’s performance will be illustrated by the dietary proteins its given. If you give your body inferior materials to build with, you will get inferior an finished product.


That brings us the subject of the ever-popular, widely-advertised, ever-confusing whey protein. Whey protein from grass-fed cows is considered optimal because it is free of antibiotics commonly given to the animals to help them survive in the awful conditions non free-range cows are often kept in. Those miserable conditions put the animals through considerable unnecessary stress, causing them to release stress hormones into their bodies and milk, and then into your body when consumed. It has been well proven what the human stress hormone does to the body. Imagine what bovine stress hormone does to the human body.

successful  weight loss program features whey that is comprised of several different proteins; with each containing optimal amounts of the 21 amino acids in human make-up, with each one having it’s own effects on the body. This whey protein also triggers appetite satisfaction in the brain; reducing overall food intake. This form of protein also reduces blood sugar levels more than others, increase brain functions, improves mood, and mental functions.

Add to this a complex vitamin formula that helps shift the metabolism to aid in fat burning, building lean muscle, and appetite suppression, and you have the makings of a successful weight loss program. However, there is one last critical component.


1:1 Coaching and Support

A vital component to a  successful weight loss program is personal coaching and support. Research indicates personal coaching and support as key components  to successful and lasting weight loss. Support should be ongoing and continuous, until the individual seeking change is comfortable and confident they can continue with their new lifestyle on their own.

-O. Salim Thornton, CWC

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