Unhappy at Your Job? Read This

Ya know that old saying, “When you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”? Occupational Wellness is finding work that you believe in, a profession that enriches your life. Through this work, you are able to utilize your innate gifts, and distinctive skills and talents; deriving satisfaction from not only your own personal gratification, but your contribution to your family, friends, community, and the world in general. Your chosen profession, job satisfaction, career goals, and work ethic/work performance are all very important factors to monitor on your personal path to Occupational Wellness.

Choosing work that is in line with your personal beliefs, interests, and values can empower you personally within that profession and also society as a whole.  This empowerment resonates with co-workers; resulting in an influx of positivity and contentment in your profession.  I mean, wouldn’t you be happier all the way around if you truly believed in and loved your job? Quick test.. How much do you love your current job? I doubt you’re in love with your job; regarding your occupation as simply a “job” is certainly part of the problem. Look at it like this, a job is something you do for pay, an occupation is something you do for a purpose, and a career is an occupation continued for a long time.

For some of us, finding our dream job comes natural, while others spend decades trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Discovering what your true passion is; what type of personality you are, and what your distinctive gifts, skills and talents are is key to unlocking your dream profession. Of course, this needs to be within reason otherwise I’d getting ready the playoffs right now, not blogging.

It has been said, “In order for a man to realize his dreams, he must first wake up.” Try utilizing these techniques to discover necessary actions to take in order to immediately increase Occupational Wellness:

Ignoring convenience, necessity and timing, think strictly about what
you actually LIKE to do.

Put it like this, if income was not an issue; what type of activity or pursuit would you engage in for free, simply because you enjoyed doing it so much? Think about your hobbies or things you love to do in your spare time?

Get clear with yourself about who you are and what environment you best excel in. This may not be an immediate conclusion, so start thinking about it right now.

Some people are capable of adapting and surviving in environments and situations they are not ideally suited for, but it stands to reason your profession should be one that fits your personality? There, you will most likely be positively engaged and motivated to consistently improve because it’s already a part of you. Whereas is much harder to push yourself for something you have no real investment in doing. For example, if your passion is writing, your dream job could be a columnist, novelist, or a blogger. It’s probably not to be a Customer Service Rep. The point is to discover what brings you joy, and seek professional occupational opportunities that reflect or support that interest.

An admittedly tough question sometimes, but you need to define what your gifts, skills, and talents are.

Everyone has a talent or unique ability for something.  It could be anything from drawing, sowing, selling products, building, designing, teaching, or even just speaking. Think back over the successes in your life, your triumphs and personal victories. Ever win any awards or earn any certifications? What is it you do with a zest unlike anyone you know? Don’t limit yourself and don’t trivialize or take anything for granted; everyone has a special talent or passion waiting to be turned into an occupation.

Take action!

After answering the above questions you should at least have some options to think about turning into your dream job. Now it’s time to make a move. Now, I’m not telling you to quit your day job like I did. But you may have to make a conscious choice to step out of your comfort zone.

Occupational Wellness is an ongoing evolving process. It does not end with satisfactory location pay and schedule. It requires commitment to self and self-confidence to be able to carve your niche in the workforce, but if you continually strive for a dream profession, you will always be on the path to Occupational Wellness.

No blog is successful without feedback and the exchange of ideas. Scroll down, and tell me what you think about what you’ve read in “The Floor Is Your’s” section below.

Be Well.

-O. Salim Thornton, CWC, TCI


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