The Pursuit of Higher Wellness and The Benefits of Nutritional Cleansing


So, It has come to my attention I have readers who feel inspired by the way I’ve transformed my life over the last year. I regularly get texts, emails, and private messages from acquaintances, friends and even strangers thanking me for sharing positive and uplifting social media content- my personal story of transformation, the concepts of nutritional cleansing, and the health and wellness business opportunity in particular seem most popular.

First and foremost, I want to thank any and everyone who takes the time to read my posts. I especially appreciate and thank those who follow this blog, and also those who’ve taken the time to comment on, like, or share my work. My mission is to share my experience with the world and see how people interact with it. So far, so so good. Thanks, again 🙂

It is fair to say, a large amount of the content I share is related to ideas about health and wellness- wellness referring to an active and ongoing system for becoming aware of AND making choices toward attaining a healthy fulfilling life. The key idea with wellness is actively seeking it. That being said; I have many people expressing their curiosity and interest in experiencing what I’m living- the pursuit of higher wellness– but aren’t sure if it’s for them. For these reasons, I am writing this.

I’m going to explain what The Pursuit is and why it’s vital to our lives. I’m also going to explain the process I took, and the benefits I’ve received as a result. Lastly, I’m going to show you how you can join me and thousands more in The Pursuit of Higher Wellness.


Merriam-Webster defines wellness as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.” Again, I emphasize the word “actively”. Most of us are aware of the need to maintain good health. Most of us think we are in good health- primarily based on the absence of major physical illness. Most of us pay attention to our health, but what most of us don’t do is actively strive to improve our health- we are generally satisfied simply with the absence of illness.

It is imperative to consider when we are referring to the words “health” or “wellness”, we should not be strictly referencing the the physical health of the body. When thinking of health and wellness, we should be considering the term as a total package consisting of at least seven components, or dimensions of health and wellness: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Environmental, Occupational, and Spiritual. By seeking a path to wellness, we are accepting accountability for our physical and mental conditions, and accepting responsibility for creating the life we want, not the one we’ve been dealt.

The Pursuit of Higher Wellness refers to having and actively using a system for addressing each of the seven components, and also sharing the concept with others. Admittedly, this is a daunting task. This is how I did it:

Choose to be “Done”


The first step is to become ready to make changes. This doesn’t mean just open to the idea. This means reaching the point where you’re done feeling sick, tired, stressed, anxious, overworked, underpaid, etc. This means reaching the point where you’re fed up with doing the same routine, and getting the same results out of life. This is the point where you’ve finally become “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, and this is the point when you’re just done with not living the life you deserve. To arrive at this point, one must first choose to stop accepting the status quo, and choose to accept there is another way. Even if it is not immediately recognizable, you must have the confidence or faith to know that you will discover your true path.

Form a Vision


Before you can start moving in a different direction, you need to know what you’re moving towards., specifically. This means getting very clear in your mind about what you want to attract into your life. What type of good health do you want? Is it the ability to run a mile without stopping? Do you want to get off of certain medications? Do you want to quit smoking? Do you want to feel less stressed? Can you see how this differs from simply wanting absence of disease or illness? What does your dream lifestyle look like? Presumably yes, you are healthy and disease-free, but what else? What’s missing? Better place of residence? More money? Better job? More free time? More friends? A closer relationship with your family? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to have a family? You must have a clear vision of the lifestyle you wish to have before you can embark on attaining it.

Change From the Inside Out


Before you can manifest outward changes, you must change what’s happening inside you. Most of us have no idea how good are bodies were designed to feel. We would never know because we are conditioned to constantly add something to it in order to produce a desired effect. Take a pill to sit still, Tylenol for a headache, have coffee to wake up, drink alcohol to relax, smoke a cigarette when anxious, eat sweet or heavy foods to feel comforted, the list goes on and on. But for some unknown reason, we seldom consider all of what we are adding to our bodies is actually contributing to all of the problems.

Let’s face it, our bodies are polluted, and largely by our own doing. We are surrounded by toxins everywhere. Without a concerted effort, it is impossible to escape exposure to toxins that destroy our bodies and health. In my professional opinion, and personal experience, there is only one effective way to purify the body and rid it of toxins. I highly recommend nutritional cleansing as a safe and gentle way of detoxifying the body. After reading this article, see “The Phenomenon of Nutritional Cleansing” for more information about nutritional cleansing systems.

Nutritional cleansing has many other outstanding benefits beyond whole-body detoxification. Weight loss, change in body composition, reduction of cholesterol, increased energy and reduced stress are just a few of those benefits. When one is engaged in a nutritional cleansing program, their overall wellness begins to repair itself as well- across all dimensions.

Live the Lifestyle


The Pursuit of Higher Wellness is more than a method, it is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle devoted to keeping oneself in high state of personal wellness. It is a lifestyle revolving around clean eating and clean living- avoiding processed foods and unnatural substances, while taking care of your body and mind through exercise, and social and intellectual pursuits.. It involves keeping a positive attitude, making daily affirmations for yourself, practicing the Law of Attraction, and paying forward all blessings received.

Share the Lifestyle


Not only is it important to live the lifestyle, it is important to share the lifestyle with others. This doesn’t mean chasing, begging or cajoling others into following your practices, but rather simply sharing the opportunity that was shared with you- an act of paying it forward. This doesn’t mean trying to force your ideals onto others. It means keeping a keen eye and ear out for people who you feel can benefit from your new found way of living. Think of it as being ready to offer a solution to problems people have. You will become a purveyor of health and wellness who is able to help bring relief to people who are suffering from life’s ills.

Join The Pursuit

JoinThePursuit8x2 Banner

When you join The Pursuit, you agree to have you decide which aspects of your immediate physical health you wish to improve. You will select a nutrition program that fits your needs, and follow that program for 30 days. In that time, you will share your results with a coach and continue your education on the wellness lifestyle. You will be connected with thousands of others like you, as well as receive 1:1 education/instruction in the practices of wellness and nutritional cleansing. This will undoubtedly prepare you to help others learn about this phenomenon.

Right now there are tens of thousands of people, just like you, who have made the choice to embrace The Pursuit and transform their lives. These include, college students, single people, newlyweds, stay-at-home moms and dads, full-timers, part-timers, retirees, and healthcare and medical professionals. What these people all have in common is they’ve embraced The Pursuit, they’ve experienced the benefits of nutritional cleansing, they’ve partnered with the world’s leading health and wellness company that supplies them with all-natural, high-quality nutrition products which they share with others. For their effort, this revolutionary company compensates them extraordinarily well- creating financial freedom for many practitioners. Many of these people ultimately decide to join The Pursuit full-time or even part-time, and radically transform their lives in the process. They do not become salesmen. They do not perpetuate a pyramid scheme, they simply become the best version of themselves, standing in integrity in their new lifestyle while sharing this gift with only those who are truly ready to receive it. Many of these inspiring people go on to create a small business for themselves or implement The Pursuit into an already existing practice or business. The result is always the same… A total game-changer, a total-life transformation.

I joined The Pursuit almost 9 months ago, at the time of this writing. In that time I have lost over 55 pounds, quit a 23 year old smoking habit, curbed many toxic behaviors (including binge drinking and depression), completed certification as a Certified Wellness Coach, and have started a small private health and wellness practice- effectively coaching many at least 20 clients to higher levels of personal wellness. I get to provide others with a fail-proof system for improving their health and wellness, AND get paid very well for doing so. Not a bad deal, huh? Not to mention the profound sense of joy I receive knowing I’m legitimately helping people.

While this opportunity is not for everyone, I invite you to contact me using the information in the sidebar on this page. I graciously and humbly await the opportunity to help you embark on your own pursuit of higher wellness. There are also literally tens of thousands of others (you’ll only need a few, however) waiting to help and support you in becoming the best version of you.

Would you like to become a CEO… of your own life? Are you open to that? I’d love to discuss it with you.

– O. Salim Thornton, CWC



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