No Gloom in the Distance..

image We all know inevitably there are going to be trying times. Today, I’m having the unique experience of drawing strength from this gusty and rainy day. I choose to focus on the beauty still present, even though others may choose not to see it. I see beautiful colors all around; dangling from the trees, blowing down the streets, and all across front yards and fields. The hills are alive with color in the distance. Transformation is upon us. I see change. I embrace it as a positive. The natural world is beginning it’s process of renewal. I am strengthened by it. I stare off into the distance. The rain comes down, the leaves blow, the clouds loom, and the wind sings me this song..

“No gloom in the distance shall alter my stride, I will meet the storm with an open heart- and walk through it- knowing renewal is just on the other side.”

-O. Salim Thornton, CWC

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