Caregivers and Healthcare Providers: This is the Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For…

I would like to share an opportunity with you.

I awoke this morning at 7:00am. I looked nice, but probably a little cold out. Probably be a good night for a fire.

Per usual routine, I prepared a morning cocktail… Super fruit and botanical extracts; shaken with purified water- my morning fog lifter. I flipped open my laptop, and switched the TV to channel 35 to ESPN’s “Mike & Mike in the Morning” show.

I sat for while, half listening to the show and half thinking about what to write this morning while I checked Facebook messages from I missed last night. Suddenly, a stark emotion came over me and I took a picture (bottom of page) to post with my status update. I titled it “Working”.

Pondering my last job and my decision to resign from it, I thought to myself (literally), “This is awesome.”

I spent the next hour working- catching up on emails and whatever else I missed on Facebook-  liking and commenting on different friend’s posts, and responding to inbox messages from people requesting information about my services. I set up a few phone and a video conference, and then settled into the couch to watch Sportscenter.

About a year ago, I had become uncertain about the direction of my professional future. Unsure if I’d ever advance to where I wanted within the agency I worked for; and given the attitudes and conduct of some of the employees, I was unsure if I really wanted to stick around to find out.

After nearly 14 years split working in an acute psychiatric hospital and then an acute behavior Residential Treatment Center- a typically low-paying, low-advancement, high-violence, high-workload career path- I had developed some rather poor stress relief habits. Chief among those habits were increased smoking, a diet comprised of mostly unhealthy foods, and going out; binge drinking alcohol.

I had fallen into a routine of work late-go out at night-sleep-repeat. I was unfulfilled. The side effects of my lifestyle and the feelings of being overworked, underpaid, and undervalued ultimately left me in a state of depression.

Eventually I sought help. I found a therapist, we developed a rapport, and I began “talking about it.” It helped a little- when I was there. However, being unable to afford round-the-clock therapy, I stopped after a few months and sunk further into my rut. My unhealthy  lifestyle, of course, promptly intensified- typified by late nights and Macho Man quantities of cigarettes, hot wings, and alcohol.

Feeling as though I’d developed habits beyond reasonable control, I decided I needed to cleanse my system of all it’s pollutants, and try to live a healthier lifestyle.

This proved easier said than done, as old habits tend to die hard. Toxic habits die especially hard.

One day, miserable at work, I got a call from a good friend, a message therapist who had recently gone into business for herself.  I told her I wasn’t feeling very well; that I needed to make some changes, but was struggling to make them happen. She told me about something she was using called “nutritional cleansing” She told me how not only her body was changing, but also how other areas of her life were beginning to change as well. She began describing the personal development she’d undergone since starting the program, and how she was now creating a new lifestyle for herself.

Bingo! Just what I needed.

She explained how easy the system was to follow, and how quickly the effects would become noticeable. I placed an order for my products and got started a few days later.

After nearly a year of following this simple system, my life is now completely different than the day I started. In that time, I’ve replaced binge drinking with blogging, I’ve lost over 60lbs, I’ve kicked a 23 year-old tobacco habit, I resigned from the job that was making me unhappy, I’ve started my own private wellness practice as a Certified Wellness Coach, I’m about to go to culinary school, and I’ve aligned myself with one of the major health companies in the world. Best of all, I have leveraged all of this into  a very comfortable home business.

I’m now living my dream of being gainfully self-employed- No longer a custodian of violent youth; with no boss, and no aggravating co-workers.

What is it I do?

In short, I simply share this opportunity that was once shared with me. Paying it forward, if you will; while this generous company pays me handsomely in return.

It’s just that simple. So simple, I ended up firing my job. That is, I resigned (with a nice severance) from a salaried administrative position in order to design the life I want to live- one of health, wealth, and prosperity.

Now my work is in sharing what I’ve learned with people who wants to improve their physical health.

I have the freedom to work literally from anywhere. I choose. My work consists of connecting with people and helping them find solutions to their health and wellness problems. Being a known commodity in the public (a Certified Wellness Coach with a private practice), I am generally approached by interested clients, not the other way around. There’s no selling involved. The only skills required are being able to listen and being able to help people problem solve.

After nearly 14 years of trading my time for low-paid hours, I now have control of my time, my health, and my finances.

Now, I’d like to share this opportunity with you. To request more information, submit a contact form located at the bottom of this page.

Click for more information on the phenomenon of nutritional cleansing.


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