Holistic Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder is Possible

Occasionally, this blog will feature content written by others, and be duly credited. Today, I want to share a very special story.

This is Myles and his mother, Erin Schumacher. Erin is a Performance/Lifestyle Coach and a colleague. I had the privilege of hearing her share the story of her son several months ago. She spoke candidly that day and also shared her story via social media, which went viral.

These are her words as she wrote them:

“Myles was born and developed as a healthy, thriving, and happy boy; always exceeding developmental milestones and by 12 months of age was conversant and running with our youth athletes.
After his 15 month round of vaccinations Myles suffered an immunological breakdown and within 24 hours lost the capacity to walk, talk, and swallow. Within 48 hours he was writhing on the floor of his closet, screaming when we would try to touch him. And within 72 hours he was nearly catatonic; motionless, expressionless, and staring through us into space. He was brought in for a brain MRI to see if he suffered a stroke or seizure, followed by a myriad of testing all of which came back normal or inconclusive.
By 18 months of age, Myles was full spectrum autistic; nonverbal, flapping, spinning, facial tics, banging his head against the wall, refused to wear clothing or a diaper and only ate applesauce. I had become a parent to a special needs child literally overnight. I had to close my successful massage therapist practice and began focusing exclusively on Myles.
By 2 years of age, Myles was receiving 10 hours of therapy a week with barely notable improvement. Medically there was still no answers. It was at the point where therapists and professionals warned us that Myles would most likely never be a functional member if society or ever go to school. I felt as though I had just been given a death sentence. I was literally paralyzed by tremendously overwhelming feelings of fear, anger, and guilt. I remember sitting on my bathroom floor hysterically crying when it hit me like a bolt of lightening…..if I did not do everything in my power to help this child, no one else was going to.
I dove into research, parental testimonials, books, the internet, you name it I read it. I started seeking out, out of the box practitioners, private therapy, and then came nutrition. We drastically changed Myles’ diet and went gluten, dairy , and soy free. We removed chemicals , dyes, preservatives, and perfumes from his diet and our home environment and began to see notable improvement!
His progress halted last Fall followed by slight regressions which only drove me more. We started working with a naturopath and in January 2014 we started Myles on a nutritional rebalancing program specifically designed to give the body and brain everything it needs to attain optimal functioning. Within 2 weeks we saw memory recollection for the first time since 15 months of age. He began stringing words together to form sentences, and sentences turned into full conversations. We noted a marked decrease in his response to transitioning or change and he began showing signs of affection and seeking interaction with others.
By incorporating the right components into Myles’ diet, nutritionally detoxing and with a team of service providers who have become part of our family, it makes my heart overjoyed to say that Myles is going to be 4 years old, is completely verbal, and enrolled full time in school!!! Myles is a shining star and has taught us so much about life and love in these past 4 years and puts meaning into my everyday!” – Erin Schumaker

1939967_10205219776804585_3979554893365616442_nERIN & MYLES

Myles celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday. From the bottom of our hearts, Happy Birthday Myles!!

There are so many of us who have been moved and inspired by Erin and Myles’ journey. It is yet another amazing example of the benefits of nutritional body detox (nutritional cleansing/rebalancing). We thank Erin for sharing their story and for being a shining example of love, perseverance, faith and holism. We wish them continued joy and success.

– O. Salim Thornton, CWC

To connect with me for more information on how nutritional detoxification can help you, please use any of my contact information on this page.

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