Lightning in a 2 ounce Bottle

You know that bleary-eyed, sleepy feeling you get from staring at the computer screen too long? Ever have that hard-to-get-going-feeling in the morning, even after you’ve been awake for a while?

For me, as a blogger and Wellness Coach, when I can’t produce material I become stressed. I sweat, I get hungry, I become anxious and ultimately unproductive. I usually have to walk away from the computer for a little while. I HATE THAT.

When I’m writing, I like to stay in the zone- figuratively and literally. I don’t wan’t to walk away. I want instant focus.

Some people go reaching for the coffee, or maybe some kind of energy drink to get temporary relief and artificial energy. Worse even, is the inevitable “crash” when that artificial energy quickly fades, forcing you to either drink more or feel even worse.

Factor in the calories, unhealthy stimulants, sugars, and caffeine in energy drinks and coffee, and its clear another option would be preferable.

Recently, I tried “e+” from Isagenix. e+ is delicious and boosts energy with a scientifically approved botanical extracts called adaptogens to help you feel energized, refreshed and mentally alert. It is all natural, with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners with only 35 healthy calories. e+ also contains caffeine that is naturally-sourced from green tea.

In addition, Isagenix donates 50 cents to the Make-A-Wish Foundation from every box of e+ sold. That’s pretty cool, too.

Perfect as a morning fog lifter, midday energy slump/stress  reliever, pre-workout or just a little extra natural boost, e+ is extremely versatile, providing a lasting energy for the day- not just a paltry 30 minutes or 5 hours.

So, goodbye writer’s block. Goodbye stress and anxiety. Hello mental clarity and sustained energy.

It’s time to create!

To order a box or an e+ starter pak wholesale at:

Contact me directly using the contact info in the sidebar if you’d like assistance. You will not regret it!!


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