Heart Ablaze

Sometimes you gotta post when your heart’s on fire..

Occasionally I experience doubt in myself. It never lasts long because I want to succeed more than I want to eat, sleep or drink.

While some people were still sleeping; in preparation to go to work, I was up developing my business.

As many of us are just getting to work, I’m looking out my window (toward that horizon). I have no doubts, only pride.

I’m proud I have the balls to go after a dream- in order to live a dream, you must first wake up. I’m proud I haven’t let perceived risk dissuade me from finding out that I can make things happen- life is inherently risky, do unto it before it does unto you.

I’m proud I’ve learned to stop making excuses to not try- because nothing beats doing. I’m proud to be unconventional- there’s enough people doing normal things, I’m not one to follow the crowd.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done, and the work I still have ahead- purpose is a powerful motivater. I’ve only accomplished a few things, and I’m excited for what is next.

I’m proud other doors have opened for me- when God closes one, he truly opens another- Amen.

I’m proud I’m not there yet. I’m proud I still have a way to go- it’s awesome to be involved in a process where I get to learn,  apply what I’ve learned, and then get to teach what I’ve learned. Proud I still get to serve others. Proud I still choose to. Proud the people I serve appreciate my effort. Proud to be out of the rat race- making a living on MY terms, not that of an employer. Proud it can be done.

I’m proud to be businessman, an entrepreneur, living for a short time like most people won’t- so that I can live the rest of my life like most people can’t.

I’m proud of the freedom I have. I’m proud I control my own destiny. I’m proud of the joy I’ve received- a little after 10am, on a rainy day..

My heart is ablaze.

currupted heart

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