Certified Wellness Tip: Problem Solving

A question from a friend seeking advice..

Q: Where do you start when you have multiple problems preventing you from accomplishing goals?

A: Start with the most easily correctable aspect of any one of the problems, no matter how seemingly minuscule, and then work your way outward from there.

Rationale: When we are overwhelmed by life’s challenges, we tend to focus on all problems as a whole single entity, when in reality our problems are usually of a compounded nature (made up of more than one aspect).

In wellness, there are seven dimensions- Physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, social, occupational and spiritual. All dimensions are interconnected- if you tinker with one dimension, a ripple is sent through the other dimensions. This can be related to life challenges as well. An adjustment in one aspect of your life will always send a ripple through other aspects of your overall lifestyle. Of course, the ripple can be positive or negative, so choose your actions carefully.

Find the most easily fixable point of any one problem, and begin there- one success will lead to another, and you will see the rest of the problems as more workable thereafter.

-O. Salim Thornton, CWC


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