Mental illness revisited

For mental health professionals, parents and Autoimmune Disease sufferers… Dr. Jennifer T. Young provided me with a breakthrough moment this evening. Thank you for sharing Dr. Young, this has been useful.

Dr. Jennifer T. Young, Psychologist

Spoiler alert for the book Brain on Fire – By Susannah Cahalan.

The following is written for any reader but with special consideration to mental health professionals as the audience.

Imagine that you are a healthy, high-functioning young adult who is successful in your career and relationships. You are bright, capable and confident with a promising future. Then one day you don’t feel like yourself – maybe you’re getting sick. Your energy is low, you’re feeling irritable… it will probably blow over, you rationalize. But it doesn’t. Then over the next week your physical and mental health rapidly deteriorate as you move through symptoms that suggest some combination of a severe mental illness, neurological and physical health conditions.

Now imagine that you are a therapist and this is your client. The individual is presenting with complaints of paranoid ideation, impulsive behaviors, panic attacks, manic episodes, weight loss in past week, and sleep disturbance. She…

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