High on Health and Greens

Valuable information regarding the power of nutrition. The best medicines come from the earth not the cabinet.



I don’t even know where to start with this post but I can tell you now it’s being written from a much happier and healthier place than my last.

Anyone close to me will know the major struggles I’ve had in recent months trying to get a handle on my anxiety and panic attacks, to be in an anxiety state can become quite a dark place and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Getting in control of my anxiety has been incredibly difficult and there have been so many people who have helped me to do it. I started to realise the stress regarding my health had manifested in my body as anxiety, causing me to even get anxious at going to the supermarket. Yes, the supermarket! It’s a crazy thing your mind when it’s left to its own devices and when your anxiety is caused by something that could…

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2 thoughts on “High on Health and Greens

  1. Great post. I can definitely relate to the difficulties navigating social relationships and situations due to changes in food choices – it’s frustrating to have to explain things all the time. I’ve written about food disabilities – bc it can often feel like that. Would appreciate your insights. I am inspired to watch food documentaries too. Maybe even one today!
    Congratulations on your progress and health!

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    • Thank you. Always happy to exchange ideas. Change starts from the inside out. To change what you get out of your body, you have to change what you put into it. It all starts with nutrition. Please tell me more about food disabilities..


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