The ABC’s of Automatic Negative Thoughts and how they can cause problems…

An informative look at how thought impacts behavior.

One of my purposes for writing this blog is to teach people things that they can use within their own lives. Hopefully, people try to the things I propose and perhaps even reflect on posts such that they can gain meaning of a topic. Although I am a substance abuse treatment provider, I have taught various topics and I consider teaching and writing to be flip sides of the same coin.

This post will focus on automatic negative thoughts (ANT). These come from the realm of cognitive behavioral therapy and fall into several types (I encourage you to google: Automatic Negative Thoughts for a complete list. I will discuss and review three (3) specific types of ANTs and add compulsion to the mix. The three (3) types are: 1) Overgeneralization: Coming to a general conclusion based on a single event or one piece of evidence; 2) Negative Filtering: Concentrating on…

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