You Just Never Made It, Kid

Never let someone else set your limits for you.

By Day, By Night

*Inspired by a true event*

Freshman Year

It was fall of their Freshman year in high school when Kevin was rebounding for his neighbor and long-term best friend, Dijon, a week before high school tryouts. Growing up, Dijon was always seen as the best player in his class, being a 6’1″ point guard with superb dribbling skills and a deadly jumper with accuracy from 25 feet out. He surely had a bright future ahead. Kevin was never much of a player, standing at a unimposing 5’9″ with a shaky handle for the ball, but a decent eye for the rim. This worked for Dijon because Kevin would always rebound for him when he had no other teammates to workout with. When Dijon was catching his breath, he’d rebound for Kevin who couldn’t reach from three-point range, but had a nice mid-range jumper. Once Dijon started varsity at point guard as…

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