An origin of an Addiction and a treatment perspective

Ever wonder how an addiction get’s started? Juan Blea tells a story to emphasize the need for developing effective coping skills.


This post will present a story about the origin of an addiction and also provide a treatment perspective regarding the addiction’s progression. {Disclaimer: The story is neither a part of any of my case files nor am I using real names. The story was presented to me as a “what would you do?” situation}.

Jake was a carpenter who worked for a large construction company. His wife, Linda, was an elementary school teacher. Jake’s job was steady and he made decent salary and was generally happy with his work. Linda, however, hated being a teacher and decided to go law school.

While Linda was in law school, Jake supported them, as Linda did not work any paying jobs. After the three (3) years, Linda graduated, passed the Bar, and obtained a job in a private law firm. Linda was intelligent, hard-working, and proved to be a fantastic lawyer. However, the…

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