Doctor used hypnotherapy with ‘shocking’ sexual imagery to treat smokers despite nearly 20 years of complaints

National Post | News

The young patient had only recently sought counselling for a harrowing episode of sexual abuse when his psychiatrist referred him to another doctor for help to quit smoking.

The sessions that followed sent the 28-year-old into a spiral of depression and re-traumatization, he said Tuesday, while raising questions about Canada’s medical-discipline process and the sometimes-dubious treatments marketed to tobacco addicts.

The second physician asked the Toronto man about his sexual orientation, told him to unbutton his pants and then encouraged him to picture graphic, sexual images while under hypnosis.

As it turns out, patients had been complaining about Dr. Jacques Dubins’ unusual smoking-cessation methods for almost 20 years, causing regulators “deep concern,” a just-released appeal ruling reveals.

The family physician, however, has never received more than a caution for his transgressions, according to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board decision.

In a rare rebuke, the board ordered Ontario’s College…

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