An origin of an Addiction and a treatment perspective

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This post will present a story about the origin of an addiction and also provide a treatment perspective regarding the addiction’s progression. {Disclaimer: The story is neither a part of any of my case files nor am I using real names. The story was presented to me as a “what…

“Friday Wishes”…may you feel happy and contented, healthy and strong…

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~ ~ “Friday Wishes”……. “Every Day  Wishes” ~ ~ Sharing warm and loving “Friday Wishes”… for all to feel a sense of … happiness and contentment, health and strength, safety and protection living with ease ~ …a Friday wish… …….an every day wish……. that we all nurture ourselves and each…

Life in the Fast Lane: Intermittent Fasting – Does is Work? Is it Safe?

INTERMITTENT FASTING You’ve probably heard of people fasting for religious reasons (for example, during Ramadan) or to prep for a medical procedure. But nutritionists generally throw shade at the idea of skipping meals as a weight-loss technique, since doing so can slow your metabolism, send your body into starvation mode, and cause you to cling […]

Kill ‘Holiday Stress’ Syndrome With these 10 Tools..

Have you ever heard it said that suicide rates rise over the holiday season? According to many psychologists that information is false. Although there are suicides committed during every holiday season, the impending date on the calendar is not the trigger. The true trigger is the rise in rates of depression and stress in many people during the holiday […]