No Gloom in the Distance..

We all know inevitably there are going to be trying times. Today, I’m having the unique experience of drawing strength from this gusty and rainy day. I choose to focus on the beauty still present, even though others may choose not to see it. I see beautiful colors all around; dangling from the trees, blowing […]

The Pursuit of Higher Wellness and The Benefits of Nutritional Cleansing

So, It has come to my attention I have readers who feel inspired by the way I’ve transformed my life over the last year. I regularly get texts, emails, and private messages from acquaintances, friends and even strangers thanking me for sharing positive and uplifting social media content- my personal story of transformation, the concepts […]

Eyes on the Horizon

Been up since 6.. Writer’s block.. Found myself staring out the window.. Couldn’t take my eyes off the horizon for some reason. Decided to just sit on the roof and just take it in until inspiration hits.  Excited to be writing again. Thankful it’s part of what I do for a living. Knew this type […]