Social Wellness Poll: Social Media Decorum

My previous blog entry garnered the best performance of any before it. The subject matter related to social awareness- social media etiquette in particular. Although it was not a subject I relished addressing, I’m forced to consider the subject relevant based on it’s performance. While it drew the most visitors and views my blog has […]

On Social Wellness: Everyone Arguing Race and Politics Online Looks Like An Idiot To Someone… You Included…

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Affirmations for 10/17/14

Today, I takeĀ  another step on my path to financial freedom. Today, I connect with the like-minded people I have attracted. Today, I am at peace because I have what I need, I am attracting the things I desire, and I am graciously ever-ready to receive them.

The Pursuit of Higher Wellness and The Benefits of Nutritional Cleansing

So, It has come to my attention I have readers who feel inspired by the way I’ve transformed my life over the last year. I regularly get texts, emails, and private messages from acquaintances, friends and even strangers thanking me for sharing positive and uplifting social media content- my personal story of transformation, the concepts […]